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What’s the Average Electric Bill in Stockton (Without Solar Energy)

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As a homeowner (or even a renter), it’s important to keep an eye on your monthly electric bills – especially as we start prepping our furnaces for the long, cold winter ahead. Believe us, we know more than anyone that the struggle is real, and that you are about to embark on a daily battle to keep your home comfortable and your energy bills at a reasonable price. In order to gauge your progress, you’ll first need to know what the average electric bill in Stockton (without solar energy) is – and how adding solar panels to your home might help.

The Average Price Per kWh in Stockton, CA

The average price per kWh for residential electricity in Stockton is currently 15.59 cents. This leaves Stockton resident’s average electricity rate at 1.63% greater than the current state average (15.34 c/kWh), and  31% higher than the current national average (11.88 c/kWh).

That’s a lot of numbers, and a few cents might not seem like a big deal – but how does all of that add up?

According to MyEnergy, the average electric bill for Stockton in October is $89.15, which only goes up as the weather gets colder.

Average Electric Bill in Stockton (without solar energy)

  •         October – $89.15
  •         November – $106.52
  •         December – $119.46
  •         January – $104.03
  •         February –  $83.06

And those are just the AVERAGE numbers – if you have a larger than average home that requires multiple furnaces, or you have an older home with poor insulation, then you’ll see even higher heating and cooling bills in winter.

So, what can you do about it?

How Can Solar Energy Help Your Electric Bill?

One solution, aside from painstakingly monitoring your energy usage, is to consider installing solar panels for your home. Solar energy can help save money on your electric bills all winter long. According to Project Sunroof, a home in Stockton could see $14 in savings on their monthly electricity bills, ultimately adding up to hundreds of dollars each year (and thousands over the lifetime of the solar panels). So, not only are you helping cut down on your monthly electricity bill, but you’re also cutting down on your carbon footprint, making it a win-win situation.

If you find yourself spending your days calculating the average electric bill in Stockton when you would rather be enjoying some time with your family or pursuing your favorite hobbies, maybe it’s time to do the smart thing and upgrade to solar for your home. Solar panels make saving money easy, allowing you to maintain the comfort of your home without adding any additional costs to your electricity bills. For more information, call your local solar panel installation experts today.