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3 Reasons You Should Book a Furnace Tune-Up Right Now

Rod Johnson Heating and Furnaces

Listen, we get it – it’s only October. It’s still hot out, and your furnace is probably the last thing on your mind. Remember though, colder fall and winter weather is just around the corner – and that when it hits, you’ll be glad that your furnace is working at 100%. That’s why we’re sharing three reasons you should book a furnace tune up right now.

1. Improve efficiency and save money

A finely tuned and well cared for furnace is also an efficient one. During a fall furnace tune up, we’ll look at all parts of your furnace – wiring, gas lines, belts, motors – and make sure that everything is in working order. Even the smallest adjustments allow us to improve your furnace’s efficiency and save you money on monthly heating bills this winter.

2. Keep your home safe from dangerous gas leaks

Your home’s furnace is perfectly safe when regularly serviced and maintained – but it can easily become a death trap if not given the attention it needs. Keep in mind that the pilot light uses gas to stay lit, meaning that if your pilot light goes out or there is a leak in the gas line, your home is exposed to the gas. Your furnace can also leak carbon monoxide, which is a deadly gas that is neither seen or smelled.

3. Maintain your warranty and improve furnace lifespan

By investing in annual furnace maintenance, you are also ensuring that your furnace remains under warranty. Many manufacturers require you to get annual tune ups, because they understand just how important they are for your furnace’s lifespan. Regular tune ups will help your furnace last for years to come, allowing you to avoid the costly expense of purchasing a new one.

Those are our top three reasons you should book a furnace tune up right now. If we’ve done our job, we’ve convinced you just how important it is to invest in annual furnace maintenance. Do the smart thing and call your local furnace repair team now to schedule your next furnace tune up.