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    Do you need help with your heating in Stockton or the Central Valley? Rod Johnson Air Inc is a family-owned company serving the heating needs of local homes and businesses since 1968. Our qualified technicians have the expertise needed to solve virtually any heating problem with a full range of services for heater installation, repair, replacement, and preventative maintenance. 

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    In the winter months, a working heater keeps your home or business comfortable. When the heater won’t turn on, the blower isn’t working or stays on constantly, the pilot light is out, or there are strange noises coming from the heating system, it is time to call for heater repair service. There are several causes of heating problems and occasional repairs are inevitable, even for a well-maintained system. 

    When there is a problem with your heating in Stockton, it may require repair or replacement, depending on the specific issue and the age of the system. If the heater is near the end of its expected life, needs frequent repairs, or has multiple problems, it may be time to upgrade to a new heating system. An experienced HVAC technician can inspect your heating system to diagnose the problem and go over the options for repair or replacement.

    Some heating problems are the result of a lack of routine maintenance. Neglecting maintenance can make your heater run less efficiently, break down more often, and cause home heating bills to increase. In addition, your heating system may not last as long when it hasn’t been properly maintained. Annual maintenance is important for keeping your system working at peak efficiency. 

    Possible causes of heating problems include: 

    Clogged air filters

    A clogged filter can restrict airflow which can damage the limit switch and cause the blower motor to run continuously.

    No power

    If there is no power to the heater, the problem could be loose wiring or a tripped breaker.

    No ignition

    When you hear a clicking sound but the burner won’t ignite, the problem could be a blocked flue, improper limit control, or faulty control board.

    Burner problems

    Burner issues can be caused by a dirty fame sensor, clogged condensate drain line, or a problem with the gas supply, depending on the type of heater.

    Issues with the motor or run capacitor

    These problems can result in the bower not turning on.

    Motor failure

    Loud squeaking and squealing noises can indicate the motor is failing.