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Help! My Furnace Won’t Stop Running!

Rod Johnson Heating and Furnaces

Winter’s chill is here, and one problem that is sure to give anyone a headache is the cost of a heating bill. A good way to pay less is to make sure your heat is turned off while nobody’s home, and this winter, Rod Johnson Air has some tips to keep you cozy without breaking the bank.

Diagnosing Any Issues

If you want to know why you’re spending so much, you’ll need to look for the cause. Take a close look: Is the furnace blower still running? Are the burners still on? Here’s how you can tell if you have a problem, what’s causing it, and ways to fix it.

Blower (Fan) Still Going?

Whether it’s hot or it’s not, the furnace blower is going to circulate the air in your home. Check if your thermostat fan switch or setting is set to “on”, then make sure to switch it to “off” or “auto”.

Has Your Pilot Light Gone Out?

Relight it! If it keeps going out again, or won’t light at all, you’ll need a professional to find out why. Give us a call. Rod Johnson’s got you covered.

Fan/Thermostat Switches Not Working?

If you’ve tried the Silicon Valley catch-all for problem solving (turning it off, then back on again) and nothing happened, call Rod Johnson Air and have us take a look at your relay switches. They may need replacing.

Other Tips And Tricks

Check that air filter! Your furnace could be chugging along like an old-timey train engine in an old Western, but if your air filter is dirty it will behave like a brick wall, stopping that heat from getting anywhere else in your home. Checking your filter only takes a few minutes and can save you time and money.

And did you know that if your thermostat is set too high, it will stay on for as long as it takes to get your house to the temperature it’s set to? If your thermostat is set to 90 degrees, your furnace is going to work as hard as it can to achieve the goal you’ve set for it.

Try to shoot for a balmy upper-60s temperature,

and you can reduce the amount of energy spent heating your home!

Whatever your issue, you can always count on Rod Johnson Air. For 20 years, we’ve served the San Joaquin Valley, and we’re still just getting started. Make sure to visit us on Facebook* and Twitter* to see what people say about us!