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How Solar Panels Work (In Plain English)

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You’re interested in solar power for your home or business but before you make the investment, you really want to know how it all works. Terms like photovoltaic and thinking of how many panels you might need have you a bit overwhelmed.

The good news is we are here to make it simple. You can get a better understanding of how solar panels work without getting bogged down in all the details:

The Big Picture

Once installed, solar panels harvest sunlight and convert it to usable electricity. The sun sends photons (light particles) to the solar panel and the panel converts the energy to DC (direct current). Since your home uses an AC (alternating current) electricity, the DC has to be converted as well.

The DC electricity flows through an inverter and becomes AC, and then flows into your home and powers your daily life. It’s a clean energy source and is becoming more affordable and efficient with each passing day.

What Does Photovoltaic Mean Anyway?

Solar panels have many photovoltaic cells that make this process possible. Photovoltaic is the term used to express the process of converting sunlight to electricity. The sun sends photons to the panels which the photovoltaic cells transforms into usable power.

Photons hit the solar panel and the photovoltaic cells disrupt the electrons from the atoms. Cells have positive and negative sides and when conductors attach, electricity is created.

What Happens to the Power Solar Panels Create?

Solar panels usually generate more power than a household can use, which is actually good news for you. When the panels produce more energy than your home needs, the energy is fed back into the power grid and is used in other places.

This energy that you don’t use generates a credit that you can draw from on cloudy days or even at night. This is calculated by a net meter that keeps up with how much energy you receive and how much energy you send.

Why Solar Power?

Now that you know more about how solar panels generate energy and how solar power works in general, you may wonder if it’s the right choice for you.

There are many benefits for going solar such as:

  • Reducing your monthly power bill
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Up to a 30% tax credit for the installation
  • Investment lasts for decades
  • Solar panel systems add $10,000 or more to your home’s value

Many people are turning to solar power because it’s clean and efficient energy. It also reduces or removes the reliance on the local power company that’s always raising the cost of energy. At Rod Johnson Air, we say “just $5 a day and your electric bill goes away!”

It’s true, solar power can be that affordable. To get your free estimate and learn more about how solar power can work for your home, contact us today.