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When it comes to Lodi furnaces, you can always rely on the professionals here at Rod Johnson Air Conditioning!

Our company has been handling Lodi furnace repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance in the Central Valley since 1968! That’s more than 50 years of furnace experience! We also employ some of the best furnace technicians in California. No matter your furnace needs, we guarantee we can help.

Okay, so Rod Johnson Air Conditioning provides quality furnace services. However, that begs the question: Why should you choose Rod Johnson for all your Lodi furnace needs? Well, let’s break it down.

  • We Have Experience: Since we’ve been in the furnace business since 1968, we have the kind of experience you can count on for a job well done. From simple repairs to furnace replacement in Lodi, we have you covered!
  • Knowledgeable, Trustworthy, and Licensed Technicians: Every single furnace technician here at Rod Johnson is guaranteed to have the training, experience, and knowledge needed to handle your furnace needs. Additionally, each of our techs must successfully pass both a background test and drug screening before they can work for us. We’re also fully licensed by the state.
  • We offer 100% Financing: Here at Rod Johnson Air Conditioning, we understand that it can be a challenge to afford furnace services. In light of that fact, we offer 100% financing for all your furnace needs!

So, with qualities like the ones listed above, it’s no wonder Rod Johnson Air Conditioning is the go-to furnace service company in Lodi! Contact us and our team of professional technicians to schedule service for your Lodi furnaces today!

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Fast and Reliable Lodi Furnace Repair Services

Have you been looking for a company that provides professional and affordable Lodi same-day furnace repair services? Well, if you have, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Rod Johnson Air Conditioning, we offer top-notch, reliable, and affordable furnace repair in Lodi and the rest of the Central Valley. We even provide Lodi same-day furnace repair whenever possible (some repairs take longer than a day).

Unfortunately, knowing when it’s time for furnace repair in Lodi isn’t always an easy task. In light of that fact, our team of technicians has put together a list of common furnace problems that warrant repair work. That list of common furnace problems is as follows:

  • Your furnace won’t turn on
  • The pilot light is out
  • You hear strange noises coming from the furnace during startup or regular operation
  • The main burner light won’t stay lit for longer than 3 seconds
  • Blower fan never cycles on after the burners ignite
  • The blower fan stays on, even when the burners are cold

If you’ve noticed any of the previously mentioned problems, then you need Lodi furnace repair services. Contact us and our team to schedule a repair estimate today!

Furnace repair in Stockton

Keep Your Furnace Running With Lodi Furnace Maintenance Services

One of the best things you can do to help keep your furnace running for a long time is regular and thorough Lodi furnace maintenance. Moreover, as luck would have it, Rod Johnson Air Conditioning offers steady, reliable, and affordable furnace maintenance packages in Lodi and the rest of the Central Valley. During a typical maintenance call, our technicians will do the following:

  • Change your filters
  • Perform a system diagnostic
  • Clean your furnace
  • Check your vents and ductwork
  • Program your thermostat (if you want)
furnace maintenance

Professional Lodi Furnace Replacement and Installation Services

For reliable and affordable Lodi furnace replacement and installation services, you can always trust the experts here at Rod Johnson Air Conditioning. From installing a new furnace to replacing your existing one with a more modern model, we are the company to call.

However, we understand that determining when it’s time for furnace replacement in Lodi can be quite challenging. To make things a little easier, our team of furnace techs has put together a list of the three most common reasons to replace your furnace. That list is as follows:

  • Cost of Investment: Comparing the repair costs of your existing furnace system versus the purchase price of a newer system with the help of a professional can help you calculate the financial gains a replacement may be able to provide you with.
  • Energy Efficiency: Older furnaces are simply less efficient than their modern counterparts. Today, minimum SEER ratings for furnaces is 13 SEER; a 30% efficiency gain over systems from just ten years ago. Boost the SEER rating and the energy savings is even greater. When you add up energy savings along with monthly repair costs, an upgrade may be your most cost-effective option.
  • Old Age: If your furnace is more than 12-15 years old, then it’s usually time to start looking into a replacement.
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