Heating, Air Conditioning, and Solar in Manteca, CA

Rod Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing professional HVAC services and repairs for home and business owners in Manteca for decades. If you’ve got a furnace or AC unit that isn’t working the way it should, we want to be the guys you call first and foremost – every single time. Why? Because we know that we’ll perform each repair right from the get-go, saving you time, money, and stress. We also make a point to pair our expert services with expert customer service, so you always know that you’ll be greeted with a smile by one of our friendly technicians.

If you’re tired of dealing with grumpy HVAC technicians who don’t perform repairs to the best of their ability, then you are ready to upgrade to Rod Johnson today. Call us now for heating, air conditioning, and solar installation in Manteca.

Inspecting a furnace in Manteca

Furnace Installation and Repair

If your furnace is acting strangely, you can’t afford to procrastinate on getting repairs. Call Rod Johnson today for furnace installation and repair in Manteca and we’ll make sure that your furnace is fixed the right way, every time. Whether your furnace is shutting off and on intermittently, or it’s just not turning on at all, we’ll figure out the cause of the trouble and make sure it’s fixed correctly. We always perform repairs according to current industry standards, so you don’t have to worry whether or not your repairs will last (hint: they will).


Air Conditioner Installation and Repair

Your AC unit is critical in terms of keeping your home comfortable (and your family happy) during the hot summer months. That’s why when your air conditioner goes out, you notice it – fast. If you’re in need of air conditioning repair in Manteca, call Rod Johnson ASAP. We offer emergency repairs, reliable maintenance, and affordable AC service for all of our customers (both residential and commercial).

repairing an air conditioner in Manteca, CA

Solar Installation

Rod Johnson is proud to offer solar installation to our residential and commercial customers throughout Manteca. More and more people are turning to solar power for their homes – and we understand why. Solar panels allow you to cut down on your monthly energy bill costs drastically – so much so that the panels can end up paying for themselves over the course of 5-10 years.

As the appeal of solar grows even more, adding solar panels to your home will also help improve resale value should you ever put your home on the market. And, not to mention, you’ll be doing your part to help spread the good word about renewable energy to your family, friends, and neighbors. For solar installation in Manteca, call Rod Johnson today. Talk to us about financing options, too!

solar panel installed on a house in Manteca

Did You Know?

  • Manteca is home to two famous Scotts: Scott Speed, the race car driver, and Scott Brooks, former NBA basketball player and current head coach of the Washington Wizards.
  • The city was originally supposed to be named “Monteca,” but due to a misspelling, it was officially named “Manteca,” which also happens to be the Spanish word for “lard.” We’ll let you decide what that says about those of us who live here.
  • The unique Fossil Fuels Brewing Company is based out of Manteca. They are infamous for their dinosaur brews that are made by extracting yeasts from fossils that are millions of years old. How’s that for a freaky brew? If beer, science, dinosaurs, and sci-fi are your things, definitely check them out.
Deer sculpture made out of antlers in front of Bass Pro Shop in Manteca, CA

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