Where to spend President's Day in Stockton

Where To Spend Presidents’ Day In Stockton

Rod Johnson Just for Fun, Stockton

It’s Presidents‘ Day on Monday. No work for you. No school for the kids. You want to get out and do something fun. But what’s fun to do in Stockton on Presidents‘ Day? I  you’re reading this and asking yourself this same question now right? “Where is a good place to spend Presidents‘ Day in Stockton”? Well, let me give you some fun ideas!

The Stockton Open Air Mall

It’s open every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 6 A.M., to 3 P.M. at the Stockton Fairgrounds. It’s the perfect place to roam around and try to hunt for great bargains. If you’re hungry or thirsty, why not stop at one of their many tasty food trucks or venders? There’s lots to choose from.University of the Pacific tower


UOP Campus

Besides having amazing sites to see like the iconic Burns Tower, or their mid campus clock, they also have a beautiful park. Let’s not forget a there’s also an art exhibit happening that runs through February 20th. If you’re an art lover, you won’t want to miss it. “Engaging Beauty: The Art and Legacy of Ron Pecchenino” at the Reynolds Gallery. It’s an exhibit showing the late artists work as an artist and mentor.

Bowling Alley in Stockton

How About Bowling?

Why not take the family out for a game of bowling? Pacific Avenue Bowl and West Lane Bowl are always a great idea if you’re looking for fun things to do in Stockton. I mean really, who doesn’t like knocking down those ten pins? Both alleys have great food and a fun and friendly atmosphere that are sure to make Presidents‘ Day a fun day.

Restaurants, Restaurants, Restaurants

And if all else fails, why not take your family for something to eat? Stockton’s official website has the hashtag Stocked Full Of Flavor because there is always something to do. And for this reason too. The food! From pizza to fine dining, your choices are not limited. Michael’s Pizza, BJ’s Restaurant, and Outback are just some of my favorites. Maybe you’ll like them too.

Have A Safe And Happy Presidents‘ Day

Whatever you decide to do here in Stockton. Remember to make it a fun and safe Presidents‘ Day!