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Are smart thermostats worth it?

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Switching to a smart thermostat is something to ponder on especially if you have been on either a programmable or manual thermostat for far too long.

Should I finally give in? Are smart thermostats worth it?

The simple answers are resounding yeses. Please allow us to elaborate.

A thermostat has a single, specific purpose: to control the temperature in a cooling or heating system in order to achieve an efficient operation.

But like the changes in temperature that it’s so fond of accomplishing, a thermostat adapts to the demands of the time as well. It is, after all, a dynamic component.

That being said, a smart thermostat is pumped with all the modern necessities that will make your life a whole lot better, and the environment, happier!

Here are the reasons why:

They’re energy efficient

The claim is backed by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program. ENERGY STAR is the symbol for a product’s energy efficiency capability.

According to ENERGY STAR, 56 trillion BTUs of energy can be saved and 13 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emission can be reduced per year if everyone uses an ENERGY STAR-certified thermostat like NEST Thermostat.

You can schedule your climate

You can remotely (using your phone, laptop, or tablet) or locally schedule your desired temperature. The smart thermostat will easily execute the changes you have made for a particular week or month.

And here’s where it gets smarter…

They will adjust to your lifestyle

A NEST Thermostat, for example, has a learning algorithm that will figure out your daily routine over time. Eventually, it will create efficient standard schedules to fit your needs.

So, if you keep adjusting the temperature right before you go to sleep, your smart thermostat will automatically change the temperature to your desired level at that specific time each day.

They can tell when no one is home

Another wasteful energy behavior that a smart thermostat solves is the modification of the temperature setting when there’s no one home.

By turning on the Home/Away Assist function, its built-in motion detector will accurately know whether the house is unoccupied or not. This feature can even double as a home security tool!

They can assess your energy usage

Through your monthly energy email report and the smart thermostat’s app, you’ll be able to pinpoint how long the heater was turned on, what time of day the air conditioning was being used, or what temperature it was set to among others. You’ll also receive important energy-saving information that will be tailored to your needs.

And that’s not all

Thanks to various residential demand response (DR) programs and the Smart Grid Advancement Act that pushes for peak energy consumption reduction, a thermostat upgrade has become more affordable than ever.

Depending on where you are, you can get either a rebate, a bill credit, or other perks when you switch to a smart thermostat. PG&E will give you a $50 rebate just for making the change.

But do smart thermostats save money? Absolutely! Call now to learn more about exactly how much you could save by getting a smart thermostat in your own home.