How to supercharge your air conditioning

How to Supercharge Your Air Conditioning

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Summer is coming and you might be dreading the coming spike in your electric bill from having to run your AC all the time. It’s hot outside, you want it cool inside and you simply don’t have a choice – air conditioning is necessary. So how can you supercharge your air conditioning to make it run colder?

Clean Filters Mean Cooler Air

Simply replacing this $10 piece of fabric and metal can increase your air conditioning’s efficiency by upwards of 15%! Ideally, you should replace the filters in your system once a month, but once every quarter will do. As your condenser pulls warm air out of the system, the air handler is pulling cool air across the coils containing cooling agent. Then, that air is pushed into your system by your air handler directly through the filter. If the filter is filled with dust, dirt and debris, you’re not getting that cool air!

Use Fans to Your Advantage

If you’ve got a warm spot in your house or simply like your bedroom ice cold, consider using some simple, cheap box fans. By keeping the air moving in your house you can prevent hot and cool spots from forming.

Need a really ice cold room? Get a box fan on the highest setting and place it right in front of your vent blowing outward. That’ll feel great on a summer day!

Overhead Fans? Set ‘Em for Summer!

Did you know that many ceiling fans have both a summer and winter setting? It’s true!

Most modern ceiling fans have a counterclockwise setting for the summer and a clockwise setting for the winter. The idea here is that the counterclockwise rotation pushes the air down creating a nice breeze. However, we’ve found that some customers prefer to have the winter (or clockwise) setting on all the time because it pulls the cooler air upward, forcing it to move around your room.

Experiment with your fans to see which setting keeps your room the perfect temperature.

Split Units & Window Units

If you’ve been using a window unit to keep one of the rooms in your home extra cool for a few summers in a row, consider a split AC system. Split air conditioning systems cost a bit more and require installation, but are far more efficient and can be set for much cooler temperatures.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your air conditioning, air handler and vents properly maintained is critical to ensuring that your system is running in tip-top shape. Consider cleaning your vents several times a year and ensuring that the returns are clear of dust and debris as well. Additionally, have a certified air HVAC specialist inspect your air conditioner to ensure that everything is working as efficiently as it could be. An efficient system means icy cold, supercharged AC for you!

*An important note here: There are ways that you can truly “hack” your air conditioning system by tweaking power settings and fan speeds. We don’t recommend it.