Water Heaters

Rod Johnson Air Conditioning has been a leader in the Stockton and Central Valley area since 1968. We currently provide quality air conditioning installation, service, and repair to the community.
We are now installing, maintaining, and repairing water heaters for homes in the area. Our staff of dedicated men and women work around the clock to ensure your water heater system is efficient and effective.
At Rod Johnson Air Conditioning, you get:

  • Prompt service, 24/7
  • Lifetime warranties on installation and workmanship
  • Professionally trained, licensed, and certified technicians
checking refrigerant pressure during a routine air conditioner maintenance

Water Heater Installation

When you need to replace or install your water heater, contact Rod Johnson to get the job done. All installations are performed by skilled and professional technicians who receive continuous training HVAC equipment and more while adhering to strict home etiquette guidelines. We offer 100% financing and complete ensure that ever installation is backed by our guarantees.
Our team can work with you to install gas, electric, or tankless water heaters based on your needs.

Water Heater Maintenance

You don’t expect much, but you do expect hot water when you turn on your faucet or shower. At Rod Johnson, we offer repairs on our installed water heaters whenever you discover a problem.

Water Heater Repair

Whether you have a traditional gas or electric hot water heater or a tankless system, our team is prepared to fix it. Our water heater repair team is fully trained and equipped to fix any heaters we’ve installed.
Common Water Heater Issues:

  • The water heater won’t turn on.
  • The pilot light is out.
  • Strange noises are coming from the water heater during startup or operation.
  • Water is still cold.

The team at Rod Johnson Air Conditions is trained to install and repair a variety of water heaters, so contact us today to learn more.

air conditioner repair in Stockton

Tankless Water Heaters

Are you interested in a tankless water heater? Or do you want to know the difference between using a tankless water heater and a traditional water heater? Will an on-demand water heater work for your household?

Rather than relying on a holding tank to store hot water, tankless water heaters will heat water on-demand as you use it. They are generally more eco-friendly but there are many aspects to consider before installing one in your home.

If you want to know more about tankless water heaters, contact our team at Rod Johnson Air Conditioning.


Other Services

Our team also offers other quality services, including: